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Anyone still play this game? saw it on steam and got me feelin nostalgic
I find a way to play it every once and a while to see how it's changed and suddenly find myself addicted entering my info to get some NX.
— Tregg
Only MMO I've ever played. Always seem to get sucked back in every several months
I want to play it again but i know ill get bored of it once i hit 100s, and i hate the star stuff
You should check out MapleRoyals. It's a private server that's almost exactly the same as playing the game back in 2006. Super nostalgic.
used to play back in beta and a little after that, found myself messing around on private servers they are pretty satisfying for short term. if you seriously wanna get back into it i would just play the official servers because leveling seems way easier than before
Its easier than before, but the star power stuff annoys me. You cant kill monsters in certain maps unless you have a certain star power and its basically a gamble, you cant upgrade star power. Its just a gamble even if you get good scores in the mini game

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